The Challenge

Currently there are no broad-spectrum antivirals or immunotherapies available for the fight against emerging pathogens, and no proven treatments approved for use against COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator (CTA) is a philanthropic initiative designed to coordinate R&D efforts, remove barriers to drug development and scale up treatments to address the pandemic.

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…Investing now, at scale, at risk and as a collective global effort is vital if we are to change the course of this epidemic. We welcome others to join us in this effort.

-Dr. Jeremy Farrar, Director of Wellcome
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The Vision

A Global Coordinated Effort

We are working with the World Health Organization, the research community, governments, private sector organizations, and global regulators to accelerate drug development.

End-to-End Approach

Efforts will have an end-to-end focus, from drug pipeline development through manufacturing and scale up. By sharing knowledge, coordinating investments and pooling resources, we can help to accelerate research.

Fast and Flexible Funding

CTA provides fast and flexible funding at all stages from discovery and development to manufacturing. This reduces risk across the process and ensures treatments can reach everyone who needs them, particularly the most vulnerable.

Equitable Access

CTA puts equity at the core of its approach. We are committed to ensuring that the innovations we support are available and affordable in low-resource settings.


We can combat COVID-19 together. Sharing knowledge and resources across governments, the private sector, academia and philanthropy can accelerate the timeline for bringing treatments to market. We are actively seeking and welcoming new partners and collaborators in this effort.

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Featured Collaborations

Proprietary libraries of molecular compounds

Many companies have agreed to share their proprietary libraries of molecular compounds that already have some degree of safety and activity data to quickly screen them for potential use against COVID-19. Successful hits could move into in vivo trials in a rapid timeframe.

Research networks and existing partnerships

Existing collaborative networks of researchers and academic institutions are transitioning their work to support rapid assessments of therapeutics from CTA. These networks of clinical and academic researchers are prioritizing their activities in support of testing COVID-19 therapeutics.

Material supply and scale up

We are working with many manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished therapeutic products to ensure there will be dedicated capacity to manufacture and supply any promising therapeutic candidates to assure availability in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.


Today, the most urgent need is to find an effective therapy that would prevent infection or treat people who are already infected with the virus. We need more funders to join us, whether from the public, private or philanthropic sectors. COVID-19 is a health crisis for the whole world, but by coordinating our resources, we will maximize our ability to deliver treatments that could save huge numbers of lives.

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A pharmacist reaching for medicine from the pharmacy shelf.
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Progress and Action

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Investments Made

We can combat COVID-19 together. CTA has made investments in the evaluation of already approved drugs and creating platforms for studying new therapeutics as they are advanced. To see our investments to date, select the link below.

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